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Enjoy Learning, Achieve Success.
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Enjoy Learning, Achieve Success.

School Day

This is a timetable for a typical day at Thwaites. However, this timetable is adaptable depending on activities, events, trips and visitors.

8.55am-9.00am Registration
9.00am-9.15am Assembly
9.15am-10.15am Session 1
10.15am-10.30am Snack and Playtime
10.30am-12.00pm Session 2
12.00pm-1.00pm Lunchtime
1.00pm-1.10pm Registration and Sing Up
1.10pm-2.00pm Session 3
2.00pm-2.15pm Daily Mile
2.15pm-3.10pm Session 4
3.10pm Hometime
3.10pm-4.30pm After-school Clubs / Stay-and-Play


We provide a Morning Club between 8am and 8.45am each school morning for a cost of £1 per child per day. During Morning Club, children can take part in a variety of quiet activities including drawing and colouring, reading, jigsaws and construction. If you would like your child to attend Morning Club, please contact Sandra in the office.


School doors open at 8.45am. Children can then make their way to their classroom, ready for registration at 8.55am. Parents of Nursery and Reception children are welcome to take their child to their classroom. We kindly request that all other children are encouraged to make their way independently to their classrooms.


Please Note: If you leave your child at school before 8.45am, they will be taken to Morning Club and you will be charged for this. This does not apply to children arriving on our school bus.