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Enjoy Learning, Achieve Success.
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Enjoy Learning, Achieve Success.

Our Class Gallery

We have been learning about our senses this term and today has been all about taste.

We got to try lots of different fruits and then had to order them from most favourite to least favourite.

Look out for the pictures of us tasting limes, which turned out to be bit of a hit! 👅🍇🥝🍍

Our Class Trip to Abbots Reading Farm


We had a fantastic day visiting Abbots Reading Farm. 

The owners, Tony and Sharon, spent the day showing us around their wildlife-friendly farm and we met all sorts of animals both great and small.

First, we had a trailer ride and met some very noisy cows with their calves.

We had a mini beast hunt at the edge of the meadow.

We gave some friendly chickens their lunch and collected seven freshly laid eggs.

Next, some very cheeky pet lambs needed their bottles.

After feeding the lambs, we all had our lunch and enjoyed some time playing in the field.

After lunch, we went and explored a woodland habitat. We could hear cuckoos and white herons feeding their chicks.

We walked through the wood and down the lane, where we saw some sheep with their lambs and some beautiful Highland cows.

We walked single file through the bluebells to a bird hide. We had fun spotting different types of wild birds.

Back to the bus and a quieter trip home. What a great day out !

Our Class & Little Beasties


We loved meeting Mandy’s Little Beasties! 🐛🐌