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Vision and Values

At Thwaites School, our vision and values are ever-present in our daily conduct and are promoted in a variety of exciting and innovative ways to encourage our children to understand and embody them through their actions and words.

Our values were identified by the children and staff of the school and have since become part of our weekly ‘Values’ assembly in which our values are taught and discussed through scenarios and social stories.

At Thwaites School we encourage children to display the school values by rewarding them with rainbow notes, our very own school currency designed by the children of Thwaites School. The rainbow notes can then be spent in the ‘Thwaites School Values Shop’ on items such as stationery, games and toys. Children are able to buy low-value items for only a few rainbow notes, or ‘save-up’ for more expensive items, teaching children valuable money sense.

Our Values Shop was opened by Mr. Savage and Mrs. Tyson of the Village Hall in the summer term of 2024, is open every Friday lunchtime and is run entirely by the children of Thwaites School.

Please see below for our vision, values and photographs of the Thwaites School Values Shop.