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All Thwaites School children must wear the Thwaites School uniform throughout the academic year. 

The Thwaites School Uniform

Royal blue sweatshirt/ cardigan / hoodie (school logo optional)

White polo shirt (school logo optional)

Grey school skirt

Grey school trousers or grey school shorts

Lemon checked summer dress/playsuit

Grey pinafore dress

Black shoes or plain black trainers

Black, grey, navy or white socks/tights

The Thwaites School P.E. Kit

Navy blue sports shorts (school logo optional)

White crew neck t-shirt (school logo optional)

Royal blue school hoodie (optional)

Navy jogging bottoms

Black leggings

Black or white trainers

Please clearly label all clothing and belongings as it can avoid clothing becoming lost and will help you and your child identify them if they do become lost. 

For health and safety reasons, jewellery is restricted to one pair of stud earrings and a watch. Please ensure the watch does not have games as a feature. 

On PE days, we ask that children not wear their earrings to school, as we are unable to help children remove or replace them. Should a pupil need to wear jewellery for religious or medical reasons, parents, guardians or carers should make school aware.

If your child is going to have their ears pierced, we ask that this is arranged for the beginning of the summer holidays. Following ear-piercing, there is usually a six-week period during which earrings should not be removed. Therefore, if a child has their ears pierced at any other point in the year, they will have to miss P.E. lessons until the six-week period has ended. 

All other forms of body piercing are not allowed in school.


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